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Strictly Africa - African Masks, African Art, and more African Decor
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About Us

Strictly is partly about us, definitely about them, but more importantly, it is about Africa!
About Strictly - We are a division of Worldwide Specialties LLC. All of us affiliated with Strictly Africa are firmly committed to featuring high quality, handcrafted, unique products that are sold at reasonable prices. We strive to offer reasonable shipping rates with accurate delivery. We are dedicated to offering unparalleled customer service practices. Though these ideals, at times, may create some difficult challenges, we are committed to the belief, that the end results are well worth the efforts to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction. At Strictly this is definitely what we are about!

Strictly, it is not completely about us, however. It is really more about them, the Artisans who reside in Ghana that produce these fine examples of African culture and workmanship. This trade that has been passed down from generation to generation depict images and events concerning tribal traditions from years gone by.

About Ghanaian Craftmen - Thirty miles (48km) from Accra, the capitol of Ghana, lies a village named Aburi (pronounced a-bree) located in the Akuapem hills at approximately 1200 feet (364m) above sea level.

Though best known for its botanical gardens, Aburi is home to a number of local artisans. Since the climate is highly conducive to the growth of a variety of hardwood trees, it is only natural that the carving industry would flourish in this region of Ghana. Within less than a mile (1km) of the village, carvers are able to acquire the precious woods that are essential for the various art productions.

Woodworking of all kinds is truly a cottage industry in this area of the world. Since the artisans work and reside in the same location, spending countless hours devoted to this craft is a normal practice.

A given woodcarving may take any amount of time to reach completion. Many days are dedicated to the harvesting of specified types of lumbers that will eventually result in beautiful hand-carved works. All of the woods that are used for this artistry must be allowed to dry for a number of days or weeks before they can be used. Hewing the wood, carving the selected item, hand sanding the piece, and lastly the staining and polishing are just some of the efforts that are required to produce this artwork. It is this constant and consistent effort that makes every item completed, a true work of art.

The following pictures show actual carvers working on various original items in various stages of completion.

The Beginning Stages Of Carvings

The Middle Stages Of Carvings

The Final Stages Of Carvings

Ghana, like many other countries in Africa, has placed serious emphasis on the preservation of the environment and habitat.

Governmental policies have, in some instances, restricted or at the least regulated the use or abuse of forestry. It is for this reason that as various woods are used to create these amazing woodcarvings, saplings are planted to replace the fallen trees in order to assure that the integrity of Mahogany, Ebony, Teak, Cedar, and many other exotic woods will be available for generations to come.

We promise that all items purchased from this web site, have been hand created. In addition, the materials used to produce the work are made from all-natural products. Please also be aware that due to governmental monitoring, all of the natural resources have been replaced to insure a continuance of this craft for future artisans.

About Africa - Historically believed to be the origins of civilization, Africa has been the most colonized and ravaged continent on earth. Africa features one of the most diverse cultures in the world that incorporates numerous languages and dialects, various ethnic groups, religious beliefs, political turmoil, famine and strife, yet despite these disparities, Africa continues to grow and increase in importance. From the Mediterranean Sea to the coastlines that are bordered by the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, Africa is still relatively untamed. In addition to having the largest desert in the world, the longest river system, some extremely dense jungles, it has lofty mountains, beautiful lakes, waterfalls, sandy beaches, modern cities and vast farmland, making it very similar to any other continent. The inhabitants of this magnificent land also possess the same aspirations and dreams as most of the people throughout the world; to live in peace and harmony while providing a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

It is with these values in mind that the Strictly Africa web site was designed and developed. It is our hope that through this effort, more people will realize the beauty of this Continent and will be given the opportunity to acquire products that espouse the artistry and the culture from this area of the world.

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